Kui igav on, siis võib rämpspostile vastata…

Nimelt sain sellise kirja. Kõike ei viitsinud blogisse kopeerida, aga oma pangaandmed saatsin ja inimene lootis vist mu privaatandmed ka kätte saada. Ma olen ennegi selliseid kirju saanud ja pole nii naiivne, et usuksin nende headesse kavatsustesse. 😀

2018-01-30 17:19 GMT+02:00 Katie Higgins <captainkatiehigginss@outlook.com>:

Dear Friend,
I want to say a big thank you for making out time to write to me again, the contents of your letter is well understood, I do not want to see this agreement as something that will take issue for you, but I
want you to trust and believe me when I say that there is nothing to worry about in this, honestly I did all necessary measures that will lead to the safe delivery of cash to you without any kind of problem or risk.
I am a woman who does things according to the guidelines of my spirit, you was chosen to be my partner and also to help me to get this box, because my mind testify that you are the right person for me and I know I do not disappoint , I chose to use you as a partner in this deal, because I’m not allowed to send the package to all of my friends or relatives as they are still in the military outside the United States, though in the end if i send anything to the USA it will be suspicious and I be will query for the action, so I chose you because I know you are the ideal person for this deal as a foreigner who is not a united States citizen.
Please put away the fear or doubt, and make up your mind to help me in this matter, I promise you will not regret it been part of this matter, I do not know what else I can say to convince you and make you believe me, but I I pray that God will give you the grace to make up your mind.
Once again I want you to know that there is no complication in the way, if you follow my instructions everything will go smoothly and well in the process of receiving the cash, please try to keep this matter secret between you and me, to avoid making space to the enemy, because if you and I should agree on one thing with our heart with seriousness we must surely achieve success in the end.
Please I want to mention once again that any disposition toward this project is intact between each of us and in no circumstances should you let the security company to know the contents of the box, remember that the box was registered as a diplomat for the package security company and that is what they believe to be in the box, so you should not let them know that the content of the box is money.
Please I will like you to send your information to me so that I can pass on to security cargo company to allow them to proceed to your country for the final delivery of cash at your door step. Send your information to me urgently.
FULL NAME:…………………….
Once i am done with my official assignment, I will come to meet you one by one in your country, and after that we will have to decide how to carry on with our lives, but for now, please, I appreciate us to be more attention to this issue you receive the cash and safe keeping on my account until I come over then I manage the deposit of money in the bank alone.
I await your immediate response.
Katie Higgins
Elve Riisa <el********0@gmail.com>
saajale Katie

How dumb you mind me? And what for all to look for this reliable person on the other end of the world? If you want to deposit your money somewhere, then I sent you my current account number, but I do not need the address and other personal information for you. You know! You have come to your letter-type emails and, when I send my account number to pay money to my account, no money transfers have been made. Some so-called “cunning” have written yet such a story that, because I left them an eye, they want their lot to go, or share my heritage with me, so that with this money I could help maintain my peace in my own country. But where are those refunds? You are the same cheater if you do not pay me the money that I wrote to you.
Why do I need your address or telephone number for my place of residence? I think it’s enough for the name and bank details.